-My favourite things of this month-

some amazing pancakes that i made :)
the first piece of my new collection!

i love this shirt & much more combined with that collar!

proud of this piece ^_^

i just love the colours of this photo :) (ft a lamp from Retrosexual Vintage Shop )

my first purse!

I adore my new heels! They inspired me to make my first purse :)

i made that today and i think it's gonna be a hint for my next collection ;)

actually they weren't as good as it seems :P

making fake leather leopard! I love this colour! <3

3 σχόλια:

  1. Ειναι ολα τοσο ομορφα! Τα pancakes με εκαναν να πεινασω (γκρρρ) και λατρεψα το τσαντακι ποθ εφτιαξες! :D
    Πολλα φιλια!
    xx R.

  2. Πεντανοστημες τηγανητες!
    Τα γοβακια σουπερ.



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