Summer Moments

amazing sunset right?

new necklace by wood some steps before it's ready!

me & my boyfriend! <3

we went at Cretaquarium which is the local aquarim! I love this fish's colors!

yes this is a shark.omg.

silly kids ^^

Clic lunchbag, sunnies & popsicle. This is summeeer!

i know i look kind of stupid here but i love the artwork behind me!

quiet beach that I went yesterday & totally loved it!

details of yesterday's outfit!

sea hair & cloudy sky <3
 This summer is one of my favourites! I'm preparing my new collection & I'm having great time with my bf at beautiful island Crete. At this post you can spot a preview of my fall/winter '13-'14 collection which main material is wood! How have you been passing your time?


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  1. Hey Elisavet! I just nominated you for Liebster Award check out my blog post about it! :)


  2. Πολύ ωραιες οι φωτογραφίες :) Στο ενυδρείο, φαινεται να ηταν υπέροχα! Θελω πολύ να πάω !<3 xx



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